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The Pouring’s Introduction

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New Wine Pouring:

Is one venue  used to bring God’s Good News to the World. The message is “The Covenant” established and un movable from the foundations of the World. Yet, revelation brings more light and understanding to God’s people everyday, through those who seek His face.

Every word, teaching, prophecy, vision, or dream, that is in harmony with the COVENANT will be confirmed in the contents of the written Word of God. The message is fresh and alive! It brings life! Revelation always requires levels of REFORMATION to contain it. That means that believers must learn to grow and allow change in their lives as their understanding of God’s Word increases. This is so that we  can remain current in His living message that is always relevant to the WORLD around us, as we express His light in ever increasing darkness.

This blog site  is a prophetic prayer journal that documents God’s communication with us, through His Word and revelatory giftings. It is my desire to encourage God’s people as they read through the pages of The Pouring.

May the love of God overshadow you, and His life lift you.



Written by The Pouring

July 23, 2010 at 1:02 pm

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  1. “Thepouring’s Blog” was in fact a good post and therefore I was indeed truly glad to find the blog. Thanks for your time,Rhonda

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