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As Watchman Stand Watching

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Al Qaeda’s hub of operations.

This prophetic word is contingent to our obedience to fervently pray, and be those watchmen on the wall, or at least be those who listen to the warnings, and act upon the Word of the Lord. As you will read in this prophecy, a conditional promise is submitted that al Qaeda could actually be thwarted, time, after time, to the point that we would never experience an attack by this terrorist group again, on our soil. It seems inevitable, but If God says it won’t, then I can believe it. It is possible, all things are possible in Him. As far as domestic terrorism, or any other kind of threat, I do not know. But this one thing I do know, God can set an Angel with a flaming sword in the path of the enemy and say, “No more forever”, as the Angel of the Lord, with sword in hand forbade Balaam to curse Israel, so God can forbid al Qaeda to ever strike America again. It is possible.

The victory is still contingent on our faithfulness to pray. KEEP PRAYING! Pray that all will be exposed, and all will be removed!

Saturday 5, 2009

God had us pray through out Saturday afternoon, against plots of al Qaeda to”hobble” America. I wrote down what we saw. I saw the production of precancerous cells that were moving toward the hipbone, to damage mobility. You can call it the “Hub”. I saw it as the lower belly of production. Cells in hiding spreading like cancer-  plotting against the mobility of the nation(s).  The plan is to complicate The nation(s) economic troubles by striking a blow. However, we have had two major al Qaeda cell arrests in the last few days. So keep praying.

April 5th 2009. Prayer Journal- Saturday

I see al Qaeda and they are hiding in a community and they have made themselves as cells that look like common cells but they are not. And they are cells hidden with in the cells around them. And the ones that are around them have been deceived by what they are, for they seem to fit into the scenery around them. But they are al Qaeda, they plot to spread, and to destroy, and to hobble the nation. But I see that God is causing the prophetic intercessor to pray, and the prophetic intercessor is saying, “The refuge of lives will be no more.” For this darkness is being exposed. It is being exposed. And they will come out from their hiding place for they are being uncovered, and this uncovering has begun in the spirit. For they are operating in darkness where no man can see, and they have deceived the cell structure that they are hiding in, the community that they are hiding in. They are as it were precancerous cells that are beginning to become cancerous and they are going after that thing that would hobble America. It would cause mobility in the nation to go lame, to be slowed; and everything connected to it would be effected.

But I hear God saying, “No, those things done in darkness will be brought out into the light, and light will displace the darkness, and the refuge of lies will be no more, for that thing that seems benign is actually deadly, but I am cleansing the lower belly/hub, I am removing the precancerous cells, I am thwarting the plots of darkness and exposing them, and the workers of this darkness are being removed. A deluge of a Holy wash-out will rid this evil from the hub of the nation. And it will end this plot, this work to destroy.”

“al Qaeda, your refuge of lies shall be no more!” Really, if you think about it, this is why terrorism prevails and this is what terrorism is. “The enemy that hides, among you”.


Written by The Pouring

October 1, 2010 at 6:35 pm

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  1. Hi Deanna,

    Interesting about this, but I couldn’t help being reminded of the recent diagnosis of Chavez having cancer, after his hip surgery as a result of an abscess–when reading this. Could this also be showing some things in the natural that are speaking to us spiritually, in regards to how to effectively pray about this…? Something to seek the Lord on.


    September 9, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    • In addition, there are recent ‘cells’ that are being fixed on by the FBI, associated with drug cartels…another sign of cells within cells and the breaking down of divided kingdoms among us–which in the spirit have the same form of deception and principalities behind them as what leads to the ways of mankind to walk in terrorism. We need to stay focused on prayer, as the kingdoms are dividing and being exposed. Your word you had gotten, is being gradually fulfilled now…and will continue, as long as we’re led by the Spirit in prayer continually.


      September 9, 2011 at 4:35 pm

      • Yes, thank you very interesting, a time we are entering into where wheat is now beginning to differentiate from the tares in the field.

        The Pouring

        September 9, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    • John, thanks for your comments. We were actually in intercessory prayer when the Lord began to reveal the vision. The prayer was exposing the hidden agenda and location of terrorist cells, and their nature which is parallel to cancer cells that “trick” the immune system. I believe that this is the miracle of prophetic prayer where several layers of natural parallels are being revealed. We had confirmation in the science world regarding breakthrough in cancer research, that supported dynamics regarding the nature of cancer cells and how they operated to deceive the immune system. How lying spirits work regarding cancer and what is important to cover when praying for cancer patients, and we had confirmation on the details of where OBL was hiding in plain view, and I agree with you this cancer in the hip bone with Chavez seems to be an interesting occurrence or parallel, as well. I remember, when we started out praying this particular session, I think took an hour before we really began to understand what we were praying about because it seemed so multi- layered, taking form in many different arenas. The bottom line was “exposing the enemy who hides among you”.

      The Pouring

      September 9, 2011 at 11:13 pm

  2. Deanna,

    Another thwart because of prayer and the Lord’s mercy regarding terrorist plots in the US today. Praise God! I felt led to add this on based off what you had shared in the original word above, so that you can seek it in prayer with those the Lord’s got you assigned to, and I also will assist in prayer behind it too. You had used the word ‘hub,’ and the Lord had mentioned to me the various ways it is used in definition so this can be applied to in prayer for further strategic warfare: the hub–Boston, Mass. is the considered the hub of biotechnology as stated on wikipedia; hub is a center of a wheel, fan, or propeller–this could also indicate the man-made wheel (James 3:6 the wheel of birth of mankind’s nature, Amp. versus the wheel within the wheel, Ezek. 10, God’s nature); hub as the center of interest or focal point (this can be places in the US that seem to be focal points of interest); and a central airport can also indicate a hub. So, these clues as an entirety can also give us ways to approach in prayer. Sometimes the Lord’s also given me the hipbone as representation of a foundation too because in anatomy of the body, the hip is your center of gravity point and when it’s thrown off in any way, it can through off the entire body–cause imbalances. And of course, the story of Jacob wrestling with God too, which would entail individuals that are not in His will nor being led by Him in their actions but by their own agendas and plans that correspond with their heart’s intentions–so many aspects here. I will continue to pray along with you all that are in this battle and anything further I may feel led by the Lord to share for greater understanding into how to counterattack the plots that are being coordinated and desolve them completely. Keep on praying! As you said…there’s more work to do.


    October 11, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    • Thank you John- so appreciate your comments. Interestingly enough I am scheduled to visit Boston Mass., this month a long with several other Eastern Seaboard States and cities for prayer and prophetic proclamations. I want to be sure to pray for all the “Hubs” in those places, during my travels on this prayer mission. We will end our journey in Washington DC., I would appreciate your added insights. I agree with you there could be multiple levels of possibilities and points of prayer. Yes, keep me informed of all that God gives you on this.


      October 11, 2011 at 11:28 pm

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