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The Pouring’s Dream Journal NeWine

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The Pouring’s Dream Journal NeWine

New entries in The Pouring’s Dream Journal site- NeWine.   



Written by The Pouring

November 8, 2012 at 3:02 pm

The Pouring’s Blog

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The Pouring's Blog

  This Month featured blog: Maasai Warrior Vision a Panoramic View 2008-2012

Written by The Pouring

January 5, 2012 at 6:25 pm

The Truth in Love

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 Great love tells the truth no matter what the cost. The one who truly loves is not seeking to gain followers for themselves, but is seeking to firmly plant children of God into the house of their Father. The Word of truth pulls out dead roots, tears down strong holds, destroys the work of the Father of lies. It also builds up, plants, and establishes strongholds of refuge, for all who love the truth and shun the lie. Is love all roses and hearts? No, true love is an act of war against the kingdom of hell. And then you ask me what is kind? Well, what is kind? Is it kind to allow a dozen thugs to sit on emergency food that belongs to a million children starving to death? Or is it better to “remove evil” out-of-the-way to feed the dying innocent? Love in action is militant every way you look at it. Love that makes a difference loves the truth no matter what the cost. And greater love has no man than this, that he lays his life down for his brothers. Since when is any sacrifice considered lovely, except for the sacrifice of Christ, who truly loved?

Written by The Pouring

July 28, 2011 at 11:19 pm

The Common Bond

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By the Sound of His Voice

… And there is a gathering that is moving towards the heart of the Father. These are the ones who have learned the sound of His voice. And He said, “The sound of my voice is being heard by those who I call by name; every one of them. And I have given them a new name. And they are mine.”

The Spirit of the Lord has revealed that there is a coming together and it is happening in the Spirit. This is a move towards the heart of the Father; and though His children are scattered across the breadth of the Earth, and are so distant from one another in the natural world; so also, are they distant from one another in their fellowship. So many ideas and perspectives; opinions. and emphases on doctrine. So much that, it has become disheartening to some. And they have lamented, “Oh Lord, how will we come together?” “I want you to know that my sheep know my voice and a stranger they will not follow”, says the Lord, “And those that have tuned there ears toward my voice, they are being drawn by my Spirit; and it is a supernatural coming together.”

The Lord is revealing  a gathering towards the heart of the Father. It is the Father’s heart towards his children, and the children’s heart towards their father; and this is the place of unity so many long for. But it will only be found when each one gathers themselves up and comes into the fellowship of the Father. In that place His heart is all that connects us. And it is His life flow. His heart beat that brings our heart into His rhythm. And it is the blood, the crimson line that has streamed through the ages and pulsates in our veins; that is our common. The Love- we have for Him will be the same love we have for one another. And this will be the common bond that will change our conversation, our agenda, and all that we will do. It  will be steered by our love for the Father.

We will examine our works because of this, and it will bring power and compassion. This is how we speak the truth in love- because love will truly be in it. Is it not said that He who loves the Father, loves His people as well; and that one cannot say that He hates His brother, and yet say that He loves God, for God is love? And it is not by the arm of the flesh that this can be done. It is done through our willingness to be drawn and embraced by the arms of the Father, whose voice we follow. This is how we will truly understand our birthright, that we are Heirs; joint heirs in Christ. …Where we can begin to act like the sons and daughters of God, in His Kingdom; and they will know us by our love.

Written by The Pouring

July 8, 2011 at 4:37 am

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