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African Safari


Walk with me.

African Safari

June 12, 2009

We were praying for a resurrection, and God released us after travail, and the Holy Spirit began to shift to another subject, and I began to see the Lord and He was walking  by in what looked life an African landscape, and I saw clothing you would wear  on a Safari, and I heard the Lord say:

to the Church who makes her self ready

Wear these garments, because I am taking you to a place where you have never gone before, in the Spirit.”

And I want you to walk in my foot steps, and I want you to place your feet where you see my imprint in the grass, and I want you to walk just this way ..” says the Lord. I heard him whisper, “ This is where you will walk quietly in my way. For this place, in me, is as a foreign country to you …

Foreign in Dictionary 1297, ferren, foreyne “out of doors,” “on the outside, exterior,” from L. foris “outside,” lit. “out of doors,” related to fores “door;” Sense of “not in one’s own land” is first attested 1393.

… where you have never been before, and few are willing to go. And there are exotic beasts that you are not use to, and they have exotic ways…” ( I saw the zebra and the leopard. ) “ I will show you how to walk in my power in places like these. In this place the tongue must be yielded, and the foot yielded, to only walk where I walk, and speak as you see me speak. Your conversation must be changed for you to walk in this kind of place where my glory will be made manifest through the faithful in the earth, for my power and strength shall be exhibited in the earth by those who are of a meek spirit, and of those who are of a quite spirit, declaring in boldness and authority the words I give them to speak.”

I saw the wagging tongue, I saw it become a wave tossing up and down with the waters in the sea. I saw the helm of a ship steering…

“To begin, I say, take out your tongue and put it on the alter. Cut off the unclean conversation and speak words only that I would have you to speak. Yield this member so small, yet so powerful to me for it truly is the helm of destiny that brings life and death.” ” I see your prayers- take the coal cleanse my lips… “

“A season of shouting is giving way now- to a season of stealth … This walk, this Safari requires complete and total reliance upon my Spirit in every way. Where you walk, how you walk, what you say, what you do, must be in me, says the Lord; for it is a higher place and I will train you for it. Beginning now and through the weeks and months to come; you will be in training. Your first lessons will be Lessons of the Tongue I will show you how to walk this Safari in me”, says the Lord.

[ definition -SAFARI1890 (attested from 1860 as a foreign word), lit. “journey, expedition,” from Arabic, lit. “referring to a journey,” from safar “journey” (which is attested in Eng. as a foreign word from 1858).]

Now, I see you in a vortex in the middle of a whirlwind you are the center band. This is not a vortex of destruction but it is a pull upon those around you to come in closer to the one whom you trust and rely upon. In less than 10 weeks, there will be a mark-able change in one who is already in the pull of this vortex and they will come closer to Christ, in the days to come intercession will pour out of you for them, and they will have measurable changes take place in their life that will be lasting and encouraging to you. The vortex will become stronger…

This journey begins alone in quiet uneventful waiting and obedience, but I see you in a company in some days, in many weeks, and years to come. In your latter years you will be surrounded by them, always. I see a company of sisters prophetic, in accord, in power. Some of natural blood, others of the covenant…your friends, your daughter(s) and spiritual mother(s) will be your sisters … This company has their arms up and palms in, as if giving and receiving parcel:

Parcel- Noun 1. something wrapped up; a package 2. a group of people or things sharing something in common: a parcel. 3. a distinct portion of land: he was the recipient of a substantial parcel of land

Verb [-celling, -celled] or US [-celing, -celed] 1. (often foll. by up)to wrap (something) up into a parcel 2. (foll. by out)to divide (something) into portions:

… Now their faces are fixed upon the Lord of Glory in one accord. In unison they are moving but not of their own. I see the men encompassing: Husbands, sons and fathers …all will be your brothers. I see now this is a cell of the body… A LIVING CELL.

” This generation will not be like the one you came from, your life experience and walk will be different, your Spiritual DNA will go out from you and have distinct characteristics of it’s own that I have created specifically for you and the generations after”, Says the Lord ” However, the legacy and Godly inheritance from the ones before you will be your mantle… “

Now I see the white gloves graced upon your hands and you are keeping house, in the Spirit… “And it is a spiritual work that you are doing (in the natural care) of those that I have given you, says the Lord…”

By this prophecy do warfare for the promises in it. When you go into prayers of repentance in regard to the Lesson’s of the Tongue- you will begin to activate the Walk of the Safari in your life … despise not prophecy and forbid it not…

What is a Safari? Safari means journey or expedition. It is a portion of time where you are some where that you rarely go, or have never been at all. A foreign experience where you will need the proper attire. In this circumstance it is the garments for a Safari. Bland colors that will not get the attention of the wild beast and the insects. A breathing cotton material that airs away odors. Long and short sleeve for extreme atmosphere changes. Appropriate walking shoes. It is a place where you stay close to your guide and follow his instruction. It is exhilarating, challenging, educational, dangerous. You walk, crouch, hide, run and camp when and where your guide tells you to. You learn obedience and the sound of his voice. You learn about intent and thoughtful pursuits. You see a world you never imagined existed, and learn the habits and movements of foreign predators.

Psalm 144-15 (New International Version)

Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge, who subdues peoples under me.

O LORD, what is man that you care for him, the son of man that you think of him?Man is like a breath; his days are like a fleeting shadow. Part your heavens, O LORD, and come down; touch the mountains, so that they smoke. Send forth lightning and scatter {the enemies}; shoot your arrows and rout them.

Reach down your hand from on high; deliver me and rescue me from the mighty waters, from the hands of foreigners whose mouths are full of lies, whose right hands are deceitful.

I will sing a new song to you, O God; on the ten-stringed lyre I will make music to you, to the One who gives victory to kings, who delivers his servant David from the deadly sword, from the hands of foreigners whose mouths are full of lies, whose right hands are deceitful.

Then our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants,and our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace, our oxen will draw heavy loads. There will be no breaching of walls, no going into captivity, no cry of distress in our streets. Blessed are the people of whom this is true; blessed are the people whose God is the LORD.


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