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So, I finished up this article regarding  face book, and was about to post it when my husband alerted me to a major news break about facebook’s privacy policies on the CNN website. Hmmm … so here it is this thing called timing, striking its pose as it adds dimension to an otherwise run of the mill  blog. Coincidence or providence? You can be  the judge. I  find it providing more food for my thoughts on why facebook bothers me. Even though I have chosen to use it as a link for my blog page, with my website name, and website profile only. My previous experience with this social network  has kept me on alert; now with new information regarding it’s privacy policies I’m still wary. But that’s just me.

Well, some of you have e-mailed me to get back  on facebook, and have wanted to know why I left, and by the way, I am not officially back, only here  to defer as many as I can to somewhere else. Ahem, just kidding, sort of.

So here it goes, besides the fact that my daughter (who I won’t identify) Lol, had a dream that the Anti-Christ was going to round-up facebook Christians and well, you know … eliminate them. And besides the fact that she left, and so I followed suit, to go underground with her (if you know us, you know one of us always  has a  band wagon for the other to jump on)  and then felt betrayed that she went back on-line with out me (just kidding) I have another reason for, somewhat, protesting facebook. And by the way, don’t laugh, because you all thought about it at one time or another; a dull drone from somewhere in the back of your mind is whispering your silent fears “What if facebook is just a front for the One World Order, and I am a lamb to the slaughter?” “Or,  your saying to yourself, “What if all those Youtube videos on what is really behind facebook is true?” But then, that wonderful thing called “reason” sets in as you write another line on what you had for dinner and think, Ah I’m just paranoid. No one would allow anything like that to take place in our modern society.

Or, maybe you’re just a skeptic of skeptics and you are rolling your eyes right about now, as you read this.  A thought like that has never occurred to you, and you think all this conspiracy talk is mindless. And I can understand that, I mean really, think about it, who would care to have access  face book’s information? Who would want  to archive away  the thoughts, and daily activities, and belief systems of over 400 million people in the world to have at their fingertips? Who would want to get their hands on the “I love Jews”  list with  80,000 members, or the “Pro-Guns And Proud Of It” group, where 54,000 people (who like that facebook site), are listed right along with their name and picture?  Or the Tea Party group where 185,000 people with name rank and serial numbers are all listed on one page. I mean what possible use would that kind of information be to any kind of world security force, or commerce system? Right?  I mean who ever said that information is power didn’t know what they were talking about.  Of course the CIA didn’t get that memo, but they’re nothing to worry about, heck the CIA knows when they’ve gone to far. Right? No self-governing problems there …

Besides that, it comes from nothing more than a fiction writers imagination that an  intelligence agency would waste time thinking up ways to access facebook information, including the phone numbers listed with each profile, and then connect them with  that  little gadget with a GPS and camera on it, oh what is that, I don’t know, the camera phone?  And exploit it for their own purposes.  That would be equivalent to making up a social network, as an information gathering system, and giving  it some cutsie name like Twitter, to micro-survey millions of people and there daily blurbs.  Unimaginable!  So the threat of a united world front ever using  facebook or anything like it to control the masses is nothing more than fuel  for the conspiracy theorist to trip out weak-minded people. It’s laughable  … but any way that is not what I wanted to talk about.

The real reason I left facebook is because I bought a marketing tool package for a website that I was doing, that has nothing to do with facebook other than I put a link to my website on my facebook page. Well, I know about google crawlers, and how websites  scan other websites and all that, but facebook archived my website address at the Palo Alto Headquarters and began to scan it every day  hitting it 2 to 5 times a day. Sometimes it wasn’t a scan, on more than a few occasions they spent “time” on it. Some pages were down loaded, and a few times they spent hours on my site ??  In my package deal I was given 500 hundred free source evaluations that gave me a profile on what, and  from where, my website was being visited, as a marketing tool. facebook ate all those up with these so-called “random scans”, that really did not seem so random after a while. I wrote them daily, and filed a complaint, they kept asking me for the IP addresses from headquarters that was doing it, and I gave it to them.  All from Palo Alto, California, the home of facebook. I guess the watchers were being watched and they didn’t expect anyone like me to ask them what they were doing. They never gave me an answer. Other than, “we will look into it”.

Now, please don’t go into the  “Well, this is just people checking out your site from the link”  rant, I have already been over that a thousand times, and the links from facebook came from a different source, than the daily hits from the Palo Alto Headquarters and they acknowledged the IP addresses came from them, and said they would check into it. They told me that twice, and asked for the specific IP addresses involved, and then instead of explaining to me what they were doing, they stopped answering my e-mails.  So I finally decided to cancel my account. Which did not stop the scanning, and page down loads, by the way. Now why wouldn’t they just give a brief explanation for why their IP addresses were regularly on my website every day up to 5 or more times? If it was no big deal?  Any way after about four months of being off the site they finally quit. Maybe it was because I asked them to stop. Maybe not. Who knows.

Now, I don’t know if any of you have ever tried to cancel your facebook account but it is equivalent to trying to bargain yourself out of  Hell. That is where I really started giving my own deep concerns from the back of my mind some audience. I noticed that there has been some slight “PR” changes with facebook, so maybe they changed their “keep you from canceling your facebook account“, methods  For PR reasons. I mean after all, it is never good to have some goth minded, computer geek, gamer (on the side),  figure out ways to stop people from canceling their accounts … One slightly weird method was sending me pictures of friends and loved ones and telling me I won’t be able to see them any more, if I canceled. Really facebook?  Really? After what I had already been through, that was like sending Lurch from the Adams Family to see me out the door.  Not a good Idea if you want people to come back …  And by the way, again, I am not really back. You don’t see me, I am not really here …

So perhaps now, all those “comments” left by people pleading for facebook to let them cancel their accounts is deleted, by now (it was a little creepy) but those of you that have tried to cancel have learned that you can never really just go away, from facebook. Scary isn’t it? I will never give them my name again, although they already have it for time and eternity. Even though my info under that name describes me as a 24-year-old man living in France, they still have my e-mail. Any who, so that is the story. facebook wasted my money for me, thank you very much. And I am on to them. So, oh and I am ready to die for my faith so there is nothing I have to lose. And by the way, I am not on the “I love Israel list” but I will hide any Jew any time. And they are smarter than their 85,0000 supporters. Notice how small the I am a Jew list is? At least some people learn from History. As thousands more daily sign on to what has been described (by those concerned) as an unpredictable force of nature, let the distant thunder roll, let the storm winds gather, in the end times  there will be scoffers, so it is written. But readiness, is not about whether or not you have a facebook profile, or even if you have a pantry with a years supply of food stored away. Readiness is a heart condition, a state of the soul. Peace with God, through His Christ, and through Him alone. …

So any way, there it all is. My adventures, the life and times of – you know whose mother, and our proverbial wagon rides. But, we have our lamps trimmed and oil in hand. And yes, I will probably always have dry humor and sleep with one eye open, but what can I say? That’s just me


Written by The Pouring

December 30, 2010 at 5:33 pm

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